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February 15, 2015-Rev. Melissa López “Glimpses of Glory”

December 2015 New Titles in the Library

Christmas, fiction and amazing bravery on 9/11! Take your pick or read them all.

Christmas Stories for the Heart. Compiled by Alice Gray, 1997 [394] “These wonderful stories will warm your heart and soul and reawaken your love for the holiday season.”

A Christmas Homecoming – Because it’s never too late to be forgiven. Maryann Diorio, 2012 [fiction] “ . . . this prodigal daughter begins the long journey home and prays she will be welcomed after walking away so long ago.”

Christmas by the Hearth – A treasury of stories celebrating the meaning and mystery of Christmas. Rick Blanchette, Editor, 1996 [fiction] “. . . a wide spectrum of short stories about Christmas past and present . . . ”

Simply SenseSational Christmas – Simple, Beautiful Ways to Create a Cozy Home for Christmas. Terry Willits, 1998 [394.266] The author, an interior designer “ . . . encourages you to simplify Christmas in your home so you can celebrate what matters most: the birth of Christ . . . “

In Search of the Real Spirit of Christmas. Dan Schaeffer, 2003 [263] “ . . . takes you beyond the trappings and trimmings and into the wonder of the best gift of the season – the essence of Christmas.”

Christmas Miracles – Inspirational True Stories of Holiday Magic. Brad & Sherry Steiger, 2001 [242] “ . . . these incredible but true, larger than life miracles celebrate the wondrous joys of this special time of year.”

Let’s Roll! – Ordinary People, Extraordinary Courage. Lisa Beamer, 2012 [973.931] “ . . . a message of character, courage, and faith in the face of horrifying [9/11] tragedy.”

The Lady in Gold – The Extraordinary Tale of Gustav Klimt’s Masterpiece, Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Anne Marie O’Connor, 2012 [920] “The celebrated painting, stolen by the Nazis during WW II, subsequently became the subject of a decade-long dispute between her [the Jewish subject of the painting] heirs and the Austrian government.”

The Eleventh Hour – The Secret of the Rose Series #1. Michael Phillips, 1993 [fiction] Historical fiction set in World War II Europe.

A Rose Remembered – The Secret of the Rose Series #2. Michael Phillips, 1994 [fiction]

Escape to Freedom – The Secret of the Rose Series #3. Michael Phillips, 1994 [fiction

Dawn of Liberty – The Secret of the Rose Series #4. Michael Phillips, 1995 [fiction].