February, 2023 Newest Titles in the Library


Spiritual Audacity – The Abraham Joshua Heschel Story. Martin Doblmeier, 2021 [DVD*] “… Henschel was a mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr and the civil rights movement, a leading critic of the Viet Nam war, a champion of Soviet Jews and a pioneer in the work of Interfaith dialogue.”


Backs Against the Wall – The Howard Thurman Story. Martin Doblmeier, 2019 [DVD*] “…returned to America [after meeting with Gandhi]…to plant the early seeds for the non-violent Civil Rights Movement.


Revolution of the Heart – The Dorothy Day Story. Martin Doblmeier, 2020 [DVD*] Ms. Day co-developed the Catholic Worker Movement to expose rampant injustice during the Great Depression.  She challenged all to be peacemakers and was severely criticized for her protests.  She is now being considered by the Catholic church for sainthood.


The Other Black Girl.  Zakiya Dalila Harris, 2021 [Fiction**] The book is fiction that “goes deeper to take on class privilege, race, and gender … an intimate and specific look at the joys and pains of being a Black woman, especially one working in a majority-white industry.”


We Are Water Protectors. Carole Lindstrom, 2020 [Child**]  “Inspired by the many Indigenous-led movements across North America…issues an urgent rallying cry to safeguard the earth’s water…”


I Already Know I Love You. Billy Crystal, 2004 [Child] “…describes the cavalcade of feelings that comes from being a grandfather for the very first time.”


“Smokey” the Raccoon. Peggy Featherstone, 1999 [Child] “A true story of a family friend that just happened to be a little rascal of a raccoon and the adventures he brought one summer.”


Squirt the Otter. Tracy L Mikowski, 2013 [Child] “A true tale of how a friendship saved a courageous little otter…shows that friendship comes in all forms.


Finding Chika – a little girl, an earthquake, and the making of a family. Mitch Albom, 2019 [920] “…it was his [the author’s] own heart that was broken open by the surprising arrival and excruciating departure of a dazzling little Haitian girl named Chika…?



*Matthew 25 Shelves

**Creation Care Shelves