Hospital Visitation


Co-Chair:  Karen Luther (Deacon, Class of 2025)

Co-Chair:  Cheryl Wheeler (Deacon, Class of 2024)

Purpose Statement

  • To witness God’s love by visiting any Presbyterian admitted to Munson Medical Center seven days a week. We serve and supplement pastoral calls and offer support by providing comfort, listening and offering prayers.  Members and friends of our church should never feel alone or disconnected from the church family.  We would like to have dedicated team visitors for each day of the week as well as substitutes available when required.  We welcome and are grateful for those wishing to become a part of this very fulfilling and important mission.
  • Our goal is to continue and maintain the present program.


Vision Statement

Obey God’s commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves and to follow Christ’s example to serve the ill, the afflicted, the aged and the lonely.