CORE Youth Ministries

Have fun and grow faith!

CORE Youth Ministry gives youth a consistent time and place to gather together during the school year, enjoy fun activities, and grow in their faith in an inclusive and nurturing atmosphere.

Our CORE Youth Ministries program is blessed with incredibly devoted and talented small group leaders who host a variety of youth activities designed to give our youth opportunities to experience the transforming power of God’s love in their lives, develop their individual gifts and talents, and walk along on their journey of faith.

CORE provides a number of avenues for our youth to grow and walk on their faith journey. Beginning with CORE Wednesday night devotions and small groups to mission opportunities both within our community and beyond. Fun fellowship, retreats and camps, allow CORE to provide tons of opportunities for our youth to engage in a meaningful relationship with a loving faith community.

We celebrate young people for the great gift they are to their families, to one another, to our congregation, to their community . . . and to the world.

Through action and word, we hope to help our youth know what it means to believe ‘God created me, and it was very good’ and to learn to love God and love one another.

CORE is a welcoming group

Get Youth Involved with the Church

For more information, email [email protected] or call the church office at (231) 946-5680.


Middle School and Sr. High youth gather every Sunday evening 5:00 – 7:00 during the school year for dinner and fellowship


Monthly activities involve youth in outreach efforts on local, national and international levels


Painting, music, and creative activities keep youth involved in many different artistic expressions and encourage them to express their faith through a variety of media


Youth play occasionally at church gatherings and some Sunday worship services throughout the year


CORE provides  retreats that allow our youth to explore and grow deeper in their faith