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Presbyterian Church Library in Traverse City, Northern Michigan


Richardson Library Questions & Answers

Why is our main library called the Richardson Library?
J. Ray Richardson was an active member of our congregation and Elder when he died suddenly and at an early age in 1962. Significant memorials received in his honor were designated for the development of the church’s first library.

Can anyone use the library?
You are most welcome to visit the library at any time the church is open whether to peruse the shelves for a nugget of wisdom or a good story or just to enjoy the quiet welcoming atmosphere. No meetings will be held in the library in order to keep it available for your use.

How do I check out a book or DVD?
Simple self-service instructions are displayed both in the new library space for adult non-fiction, children’s books, DVD’s, and CD’s as well as in the Libraryette across the hall for fictional works. You just remove the “book card”, write in the information requested and place in the container provided as well as taking a pink “reminder card” on which you write in the due date (3 weeks into the future) and place it in the book or DVD.

What about Reference books and periodicals?
We ask that you use these items in the church and return them before leaving.

How do I find a particular title I am interested in?
Fictional works are filed in alphabetical order by author, non-fiction in numerical order by the Dewey decimal system used in public libraries. The Dewey system assigns numbers based on subject matter with the greater percentage of ours being in the 200’s as related to Religion. We keep a spreadsheet of everything in our collection and can help you locate something by title, author or subject. Just contact Carol Minor at (231) 313-9696 or [email protected].

Is there a fine if I accidentally keep a book out beyond the 3 week loan period?
We do NOT charge any fines. Simply return the item as soon as possible. A reminder call will be placed if the book or DVD has been out for very long.

Who pays the library expenses?
There is only a small amount in the budget for library expenses. Amazing donations of adult fiction and non-fiction as well as children’s books, DVD’s and CD’s are received throughout the year. The library committee selects among these donations and processes additions to the shelves on a monthly basis. Your donations can be placed in the book return receptacle in either the Richardson Library or the Libraryette.





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Richardson Library Updates

Wonderful donations of new titles are added to our church library shelves every month. A list of the newest materials is included at the end of today’s weekly e-blast. Easy self check out instructions are available at the Libraryette just outside Fellowship Hall. Check one out this Sunday, curl up and enjoy a good read! Happy reading and thank you to our wonderful Library Committee.

Here is the current list of titles in our library.