June, 2023 Newest Titles in the Library



Destiny of the Republic – A Tale of Madness, Medicine and the Murder of the President. Candice Millard, 2011 [973.8] The book is a history that reads like fiction of President Garfield’s short tenure as President.  The Book Club will discuss this work on August 1st.  You are welcome to join us.


Lazarus Is Dead.  Richard Beard, 2012 [Fiction] “…an elaboration of Lazarus’s miraculous life.”


The Dictionary of Lost Words.  Pip Williams, 2020 [Fiction] Set in Oxford, this story is of a child who accompanies her father to work as a lexicographer preparing the first edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.


Fingal O’Reilly, Irish Doctor.   Patrick Taylor, 2013 [Fiction] “…brings to life a green young man newly working in his field of medicine as well as the later life of the canny village doctor” he has become.


You Have Now Custody of You… – Christian Responses to Marriage and Divorce. Richard M. Cromie, D.D., Ph.D., 2006 [248.8]  What the Bible has to say about marriage and divorce.


Sermons on the First Epistle of John – A Handbook for the Christian Life. Timothy Matthew Slemmons, 2017 [200] A translation of sermons by Johannes Oecolampadius (1482-1531), “a scholar admired by Erasmus, a supporter of the early Luther,…and an influence on Calvin.”


Peace on Earth – A Book of Prayers from Around the World. Bijou Le Tord, 1992 [child**] We could put this book on either the Matthew 25 or the Creation Care shelves as it speaks beautifully to both of our focus.


Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. Jane Ray, 2004 [child**] “…a beautiful version of the familiar [creation] story takes into account creation myths the world over.”


Heaven According to Kids – Hilarious Quotes About the Afterlife inspired by Real Kids! Media Lab Books, 2017 [child]  “Reimagine Heaven through the innocent eyes of a child…ages 3 through 9.”


God’s Great Love for You. Rick Warren, 2017 [child] “…takes children on a whimsical and heartfelt journey that lets them know God’s love is with them wherever they go.”


*Matthew 25 Shelves

**Creation Care Shelves