Building & Grounds

Our Committee currently meets via ZOOM on the first Tuesday of each month at 5 PM. (No meeting in July)


Co-Moderator: Bob Hall (Elder, Class of 2021)

Co-Moderator: Gary Richardson (Elder, Class of 2021)

Committee Purpose

The purpose of the Session’s Building and Grounds Committee is:

  • To insure the Church building and grounds are maintained in a cost-effective manner, and repaired as necessary, in accordance with building code and safety regulations, in order to meet the needs of our congregation.
    • To assure that the building and grounds remain attractive, safe, and welcoming.
    • To recommend policies to the Session regarding the use of Church building and grounds.

Committee Vision Statement

The vision of the Session’s Building and Grounds Committee is

  • To provide a safe, comfortable environment for Church staff, members and guests that supports the mission of the Presbyterian Church of TC.
  • To maintain the Church as a place of beauty that nourishes the peace, promise, grace, inspiration and love of our Heavenly Father.