Presbyterian Church Online Donations

Presbyterian Church Online Donations

Giving back to the church is an investment in community, charity and a testament to the spirit of Jesus’ love.Use our online form to donate to the Presbyterian Church of Traverse City, Michigan. 

  1.  It works best if you ‘Sign In’ and create an account. This assures you receive credit for your donation and a year-end statement.
  2. Select the fund you would like your donation to go into.
  3. Enter the amount of your donation.
  4. “Add Donation” lets you contribute to more than one fund.  Clicking it will open another ‘Fund’ dropdown where you can select addition funds and amounts to contribute.
  5. Leave any comments or notes.  If this is a memorial contribution, please let us know in whose name the donation is being made.
  6. Click ‘Submit’ and you will be prompted to enter you payment information.

If you have any issues using the form, or if you would like to  volunteer with the church please contact us and let us know.

Love. Grow. Serve

Help our church meet needs

Even during these difficult times, our church continues to meet the needs of our church family and the community. To get an idea of the range of programs and your options for being a part of our many services, take a look at the attached Servant Ministry survey. You can print it out and turn your completed survey into the office or drop it in the blue box at the Welcome Center desk. Whether now or in a post-pandemic future, our church needs your special talents so that we can continue to do God’s work in Traverse City and beyond. Thank you!