Rev. Melissa López “Let It Shine”

February 7, 2016-Rev. Melissa López “Let It Shine”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Serving Christ on His Terms”

February 14, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Serving Christ on His Terms”

February 2016 – New Titles in the Library

Watch for the library cart with the newest titles as well as a Library Committee member in the Narthex one Sunday a month. Your questions and suggestions are welcome.

Afterglow – Encounters with the Light. Angela Lee Ann Zieske, 2014 [248] “… a love story written in daily bite-sized portions in the symbolic language of poetic affection. It is filled with spectacular imagery [in photographs] intended to stir and inspire your heart to a deeper, more intimate connection with God.”

Holy Chutzpah – Walking in Godly Boldness. Annette M. Eckart, 2013 [242] “Holy Chutzpah people advance the Kingdom of God by living daring kindness, radical forgiveness, and unflinching generosity.”

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How – A Creative Look at Life’s Main Issues. D.S. Spears, EdD, 2014 [220] “… presents answers to common life question through original illustrations, proverbs, parables, poetry, and commentary, encouraging spiritual seekers to look at fundamental life lessons in an entirely new way.”

My Prayer Chair – A Living, Walking, Breathing Relationship with Jesus. Carla McDougal, 2013 [248.3] “… encourages the reader to engage in an ongoing conversation with God – seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.”

Calm & Peace Be Careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts. Proverbs 4:23. Adrina Green, 2013 [126] “ … a precious and unique collection of Christian-based wisdom and tips that have greatly helped others to restore their courage, to more confidently deal with turmoil, and most importantly, to enjoy the benefits of life changing calm and peaceful choices.”

Living Through the Pain – The Lonely Me. Cathy A. Kurtz, 2014 [920] “[the author] considers her deep understanding of surviving tragedies, and using her pain to enrich her life, as a calling from God to serve others and assist them in finding the courage to move forward.”

China Road – A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power. Rob Gifford, 2008 [951.06] “A crash course in Chinese history, geography, economy, and society … From afar, China looks like an emerging superpower, but [the author] contends that up close it is ‘more fragile and brittle than it appears’ …”

Purple Hibiscus. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 2003 [fiction] “A novel about the promise of freedom, about the blurred lines between childhood and adulthood, between love and hatred between the old gods and the new.”

Glimpses of Paradise. James Scott Bell, 2005 [fiction] “…a story that encompasses rural Nebraska, the battlefields of France, and the Hollywood of the ‘20’s. Action, suspense, and romance are permeated with themes of faith, doubt, and reconciliation – as relevant today as a century ago.”

Leaning on a Spider’s Web – A Story of Love, Faith & Life-Changing Choices. Jennifer Rees Larcombe, 1991 [fiction] “When Richard, the young vicar, arrives on the scene, he discovers that the people have built a comfortable world that makes them feel secure. But will their values hold up when disaster strikes?”

Sign of the Cross. David Horton, 1997 [fiction] Two people caught up the horror of World War II “. . . must find the courage to step into the unknown, testing the fragile limits of faith.”

A Bouquet of Love– An arrangement of four beautiful novellas about friendship and love. Ginny Aiken Ranee McCollum, Jeri Odell & Debra White Smith, 1999 [fiction] Four original love stories are offered for your enjoyment and inspiration.

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “No Promises But One – Faith”

February 21, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “No Promises But One – Faith”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Quid Pro Quo—Don’t Bet on it”

February 28, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Quid Pro Quo—Don’t Bet on it”