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Safe Harbor at TC Presby

December 31 – January 7, 2017


Serving as a host for Safe Harbor is a very rewarding experience.  The job of “Host” to persons experiencing homelessness creating friendships, and a community within the church.  All shifts come with training, and first-time volunteers are always paired with a seasoned host.

First Time Volunteers – Please Download and Read This:

Safe Harbor Volunteer Workbook <Click Here

Overnight Host (See Breakfast Duties too) – 2 men and 2 women

9:00 PM – 8:30 AM  Overnight hosts assist with the “winding down” of the evening and take turns monitoring the shelter overnight, making an hourly “sweep” of the shelter area.  In the morning, hosts prepare the coffee for the Breakfast.  A very comfortable private sleeping area is provided.

Breakfast / Clean-Up Host (Often the Overnight Team) – 4 people

5:50AM – 8:15AM The breakfast crew manages the cold breakfast that we provide. Key roles include keeping the coffee hot, and assisting guests to get up and ready for departure by 7:45 – 8am. The shift includes sweep of the building to ensure the guests have all departed, and a general clean up.

Hot Breakfast Weekends

A hot breakfast can be provided (by the hosts) Saturday and Sunday – If you are providing a hot breakfast in addition to the standard continental breakfast have it ready to serve by 6:30 a.m.

Dinner/Evening Host – A Group of No Less than 4 people (8 total with Evening Hosts)

5:30PM – 7:00PM Usually conducted by a pre-organized group of people.  This shift requires that you provide a hot meal for as many as 40 guests.  Soups, Stews, and other “buffet” style meals work best. No Kitchen facilities are provided. A leader will conduct meal planning and coordinate with the other dinner hosts to not repeat the same offerings two or more days in a row.   Once the meal is served, your team will complete a clean up sweep of the area, assisted by the evening hosts.

Evening Host – 4 people

6PM – 9:30PM  Evening Hosts are the voices, ears and hearts of the shelter.  Playing cards and games,  listening to guests and providing companionship to the guests. You also assist the Goodwill staff with the operation of the shelter and help clean up the dinner.

If you are not affiliated with one of the host churches, complete the following form.  You will be paired with a church that is in need of help.  You must complete an application: http//