Wonderful donations of new titles are added to our church library shelves every month. A list of the newest materials is included at the end of today’s weekly e-blast. Easy self check out instructions are available at the Libraryette just outside Fellowship Hall. Check one out this Sunday, curl up and enjoy a good read! Happy reading and thank you to our wonderful Library Committee.

The current list of new titles is below. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view previous months’ new titles. There are many more titles in addition to these to explore in the Libraryette.

January 2018 – Newest Titles in the Library


The Storyteller. Jodi Picoult, 2013 [Fiction] “At it’s heart [this story] is about whether anyone has the right to tell someone else’s secrets – and what the emotional cost of forgiveness truly is.”

God Is No Laughing Matter – An Artist’s Observations and Objections on the Spiritual Path.  Julia Cameron, 2000 [291.4] ”. . . I [the author] have tried to articulate my artist’s-eye view of spirituality, grounded in my own experience of creating, Creation, and the Great Creator – artist nonpareil.”

Awaken!  Spirit Is Calling. Helena Kalivoda, 2008 [204] “. . . is a call to all to live from our hearts, to realize that we are the creators of every event that happens in our lives and to take responsibility for all that occurs to us.  . . . for all to live in peace, love and compassion for one another . . .”

Hearing With the Heart – A Gentle Guide to Discerning God’s Will for Your Life.  Debra K. Farrington, 2003 [248.4]  “ . . . handbook for anyone seeking a direction in life. . .”

A Sudden Glory – God’s Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More.  Sharon Jaynes, 2012 [248.8]  ” . . . uses Scripture and story to help you erase the line between your “spiritual life” and your “daily life” as you enter the sanctuary of God’s presence even in the middle of your busy, messy day.”

Reconcilable Differences – Two Friends Debate God’s Roles for Women. Nancy Parker Brummett & Alice Scott-Ferguson, 2006 [248] “ . . . an open discussion of women’s roles between two strong, intelligent Christian women . . . honest answers to perplexing questions all women ask.”

365 Prescriptions for the Soul – Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love. Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, 2004 [204] “ . . doses of inspiration and humor that gently and joyfully help us live more peaceful, loving and fulfilling lives.”

Muslims, Christians, and Jesus – Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships. Carl Medearis, 2008 [261.2]  Given to our church by the Callisons (our missionaries to the Kurds), this book “ . . . provides new insights into the top questions people have about Muslims, Muhammad, and Islam.”

Always By My Side – Life Lessons from Millie and All the Dogs I’ve Loved. Edward Grinnan, 2017 [920]  “. . . shares how her sensitivity, unconditional love, and innate goodness helped him discover those qualities in himself and put his complicated past in perspective.”

Rez Life – An Indian’s Journey Through Reservation Life. David Treuer, 2012 [920]  “Blends memoir and history to reveal what life on a reservation is really like – neither the festival of dysfunction nor the oasis of noble, nature-loving stoics that many non-Indians imagine.”

Visions of Israel – A stunning aerial tour of the ancient land. Acorn Media, 2008 [DVD]  “Sacred sites and natural wonders in all their visual glory.”

Draft Day.  Lionsgate, 2014 [DVD-PG13]  “A great sports film”  with Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner

Mere Christianity.  C.S. Lewis, 1980 [230]  We know this is an old book, but it’s a classic we should have available in our library.