Wonderful donations of new titles are added to our church library shelves every month. A list of the newest materials is included at the end of today’s weekly e-blast. Easy self check out instructions are available at the Libraryette just outside Fellowship Hall. Check one out this Sunday, curl up and enjoy a good read! Happy reading and thank you to our wonderful Library Committee.

The current list of new titles is below. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view previous months’ new titles. There are many more titles in addition to these to explore in the Libraryette.

February 2018 – Newest Titles in the Library


Calm My Anxious Heart – A Woman’s Guide to Finding Contentment. Linda Dillow, 2007 [248.4] “…filled with encouragement and practical help for overcoming anxiety, this book includes a twelve-week Bible study to help you discover what the Bible says about contentment and ways to apply it to your daily life.”

Provocative Grace – The Challenge in Jesus’ Words.  Robert Corin Morris, 2006 [232.9] “The Jesus of the Gospels, in all his modes on encountering people – as prophet, healer, wisdom teacher, mystic, social critic, and nonviolent revolutionary, is a disturber of our immaturities, one who challenges us to find and use our strengths.”

Can God be Trusted? Graham Maxwell, 2002 [239] “…considers the issues in the great controversy over God’s character.”

The Witness of Religion in an Age of Fear.  Michael Kinnamon, 2017 [201] “Distinguishing between ‘normal fear’ that protects us and ‘abnormal fear’ that paralyzes us, Kinnamon draws on biblical tradition and rich spiritual resources to offer a powerful call to action.”

Letters from Michael – Israel in the time of Jesus; a historical, cultural and geographical perspective.  Denny Thompson, [956.94] “…the importance of understanding and appreciating the cultures of other countries…gain a new and much greater appreciation of Jewish culture at the time of Jesus.

Animate Practices. Spark House DVD, 2014 [248] “…introduction to the central practices of the Christian faith, why they are important and how we can take part in them today.”  Included are sections on prayer, food, worship, sacraments, money, service and community.

House of Stone – A Memoir of Home, Family and a Lost Middle East. Anthony Shadid, 2012 [920] “Crumbling Ottoman outposts, doomed pashas, and roving bandits feel immediate, familiar and relevant.  Lose yourself in these pages, where empires linger, grandparents wander and a battered Lebanon beckons us home.”

Secrets of the Heart – Mail-Order Bride series #1. Al & Joanna Lacy, 1998 [Fiction] “…millionaire in-laws have taken her daughter away…However, because of her newfound faith, her plans for revenge change…”

A Time to Love – Mail-Order Bride series #2. Al & Joanna Lacy, 1998 [Fiction] “…finds life as a mail order bride more than she ever imagined.  More dangerous.  More romantic.  More challenging to her faith.”

The Tender Flame – Mail-Order Bride series #3. Al & Joanna Lacy, 1999 [Fiction] “War shatters the marriage plans…Lydia hears that Grant is dead…Is this really the end …?”

Blessed are the Merciful – Mail-Order Bride series #4. Al & Joanna Lacy, 1999 [Fiction] “A deadly accident…A love lost…will his past collide head-on with his hopes for the future…can find forgiveness for a seemingly unpardonable sin?”

Ransom of Love – Mail-Order Bride series #5. Al & Joanna Lacy, 2000 [Fiction] “The price of freedom runs high in the deep south.”

Until the Daybreak – Mail-Order Bride series #6. Al & Joanna Lacy, 2000 [Fiction] “As he awaits the arrival of his mail order bride, she prays to God for light in her darkness.”

Sincerely Yours – Mail-Order Bride series #7. Al & Joanna Lacy, 2001 [Fiction] “Dr. Quint Roberts mended union soldiers years ago…and now he’s saving lives in Montana.  But is there any medicine for his own hardened and grieving heart?”

Measure of Grace – Mail-Order Bride series #8. Al & Joanna Lacy, 2001 [Fiction] “Romance and revenge, hot tempers and cold feet frame one woman’s flight to freedom in the old West.

So Little Time – Mail-Order Bride series #9. Al & Joanna Lacy, 2002 [Fiction] “Destiny joined them as children.  Reunited a decade later, are their days still numbered?”

Let There Be Light – Mail-Order Bride series #10. Al & Joanna Lacy, 2002 [Fiction] “When Dan Tyler welcomes his potential bride to Arizona will he learn of her sinister scheme before it is too late?”

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