October, 2020 Newest Titles in the Library

October 2020 – NEWEST TITLES –

Eunice – The Kennedy Who Changed the World. Eileen McNamara, 2018 [920] “…the neglected story of the Kennedy brothers’ indomitable sister…Eunice made the ignored rights of the intellectually disabled into one of the great civil rights causes….”

Before and After – The Incredible Real-Life Stories of Orphans Who Survived the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. Judy Christie & Lisa Wingate, 2019 [362]  [The authors]…chronicle the experiences of survivors forever affected by a corrupt Tennessee orphanage, leading many to a life-altering reunion in search of healing…”

Across the Great Lakes. Lee Zacharias, 2018 [Fiction] “Eighty-six year old Fran Halvorsen tells the story of a childhood journey across Lake Michigan…” aboard the Manitou captained by her father.

The 19th Wife. David Ebershoff, 2008 [Fiction] “expelled as an outcast [after her 1975 separation from her powerful husband, Brigham Young] Ann Elizabeth embarks on a crusade to end polygamy in the United States.”

A Dog’s Purpose. W. Bruce Cameron, 2010 [Fiction] “…a dog’s eye commentary on human  relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man’s best friend.”

Why Cats Do That – A Collection of Curious Kitty Quirks.  Karen Anderson, 2001 [636.8]  “Learn the fascinating and sometimes surprising facts about cat behaviors.

The Cay.  Theodore Taylor, 1969 [children’s fiction]  “Cast up on a remote and barren island [Phillip] begins an amazing adventure in which he sees for the first time how blind he had been before he lost his sight and experienced the kindness, wisdom, and love of a simple and extraordinary man”

Coaching Ms. Parker. Carla Heymsfeld, 1995 [children’s fiction]  Ms. Parker’s 4th grade class is determined to teach their teacher to play baseball but she bargains for Mike to learn to read.

Captain Kate. Carolyn Reeder, 1999 [children’s fiction)  Two 12 year olds endeavor to take the family’s canal boat down the 184-mile-long C&O Canal to deliver a cargo of coal.”

A New Kind of Christian. – A Tale of Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey. Brian McLaren, 2001 [248.4] This is a story of a pastor and a science teacher who become friends and “…reflect together about faith, doubt, reason, mission, leadership, and spiritual practice…”

The Alpha and the Omega – Daily Inspirations for One Year. Stanley L. Hayes, 2019 [242] A Years’ worth of devotions representing every book of the Bible.  It doesn’t matter what year or what month you start reading.

The Simple Truths of Appreciation – How each of us can choose to make a difference.  Barbara A. Glanz, 2007 [177] “…each time you thank someone for a job well done, you are making the world a better place.”

A New Voice for a Broken Soul. Paul A. Ray, 2012 [282.092]  “Journey with the author through the years of his self-destructive addiction to alcohol, to the moment of his miraculous and dramatic healing and life-changing response to being called to serve the Lord …”

Tending to the Holy – The Practice of the Presence of God in Ministry. Bruce G. Epperly & Katherine Gould Epperly, 2009 [248.8] “…an engaging invitation to think about our daily walk as servants of the living Ghrist…whether you are ordained or lay, parish pastor, chaplain, or counselor…”

The Power of Attitude. Mac Anderson, 2007 [158] “Whatever your destination – success, purpose, peace, or other desire – attitude is the fuel for the journey there.”