March, 2022 Newest Titles in the Library


Stolen- Five free boys kidnapped into slavery and their astonishing odyssey home. Richard Bell, 2019 [Fiction*] The author uses significant detective work to piece together the real-life saga of 5 boys stolen from free Philadelphia and smuggled to Mississippi in the 1820’s in what has been called the reverse underground railroad.

The Day the World Stopped Shopping – How ending consumerism saves the environment and ourselves. J.B. Mackinnon, 2021 [339.4**] The author addresses the paradox – consume more to save the economy or less to save our environment and how and why we must do the latter.

Our Throwaway Culture – Why we need to minimize throwing our stuff away and move toward a circular economy. Fresh Press article, 2022 [339**]

You Are What You Love – The Spiritual Power of Habit. James K.A. Smith, 2016 [264] “…explores not only what it is that we should love but also how we can learn to love what we should.” This book was recently used for discussion at several Wednesday Night Connection evenings.

Lighthouse Real Life Stories – Edition 3. Step by Step Ministries, 2021 [248] “Through the centuries, lighthouses have guided many people through life’s storms…Storms come in many forms…”

The Grace of Les Misérables. Matt Rawle, 2019 [843.7] “This 6-week Lenten study…explores the 6 themes of grace, justice, poverty, revolution, love and hope… each represented by a character in Hugo’s story.”

John – 90 Days with the Beloved Disciple. Beth Moore, 2008 [248.84] “…shows you what it looks like when strength and sensitivity come together in the same heart…”

Life in Year One – What the world was like in first-century Palestine. Scott Korb, 2010 [933] “…a lively and engaging popular history of an era that changed the world forever.”

Crushed – Why guys don’t have to make or break you. Jesse Minassian, 2014 [248.8] In this book for young adult girls join the author for some talk about “how God wants you to view yourself and your relationships, and how to avoid getting your heart crushed along the way. Because, girl, God has so much more in store for you.”

Salt of the Earth – Palestinian Christians in the Northern West Bank. Documentary by Marthame and Elizabeth Sanders, 2005 [DVD] “Living as religious minorities in turbulent times, nine Palestinian Christians share their faith, hopes, and challenges.”

Pie Town. Lynne Hinton, 2011 [Fiction] A small town in New Mexico cares for a disabled boy but little for the new woefully unprepared new priest in town until the boy’s spirit and faith help them all.

Mysteries of Lancaster County – 4 Volumes – Another’s Treasures, Garage Sale Secret, An Unbroken Circle, & Mixed Signals. Guideposts, 2019 [Fiction] Four sisters have all moved back to their family homestead in Bird-in-the-Hand, PA to reopen Secondhand Blessings, their family resale and gift shop.

*Matthew Shelves
**Earth Care Shelf