March 2019 – Newest Titles in the Library


The Heartache No One Sees – Christ’s Promise of Healing for a Woman’s Wounded Heart.  Sheila Walsh, 2004 [248.8]  “You’re invited to join her on a prayer-filled, God-seeking journey to understand how to live in this world, with all its potential for hurt, pain and fear . . .”

In the Sanctuary of Women – A Companion for Reflection & Prayer. Jan L. Richardson, 2010 [242]  This refreshing resource widens the mind, deepens the heart, and strengthens the soul of spirituality.”

The Kurds – Creation of the Modern Middle East. Heather Lehr Wagner, 2003 [956] “…the 20 million Kurds living there [at the intersection of Iraq, Iran, and Turkey] find themselves without a homeland, unwanted guests of unfriendly regimes.”  Read this to get a better understanding of the situation faced by the Kurds for whom we support a missionary who serves them.

The New Faces of Christianity – Believing in the Bible in the Global South. Philip Jenkins, 2006 [270.8] In the global south [e.g. Nigeria, Indonesia and Sudan]…Christians are persecuted just as early Christians were.”  This is another book which will enlighten you regarding the lives of people being served by our Presbyterian missionaries.

Take Charge of Your Destiny. Dr. Alan Keiran, 2008 [241] “Taking Charge of Your Destiny means listening to God and following His plans for your life – every day.”

Climbing the Sycamore Tree – A Study of Choice and Simplicity. Ann Hagmann, 2001 [241]  “…examines economic decision making in light of what Jesus taught.”

Safe Haven Marriage – Building a Relationship You Want to Come Home To. Dr. Archibald D. Hart & Dr. Sharon Hart Morris, 2003 [616.89] “Whether you have been married for years or are just beginning your marital journey, the biblical principles in this book will help you heal and strengthen your marriage by making it emotionally closer and safer than ever before.”

No Perfect People Allowed – Creating a Come As You Are Culture in the Church.  John Burke, 2005 [253] We need to “…follow the example…in creating a grace- and gospel-friendly church culture.”

Quite a Year for Plums. Bailey White, 1998 [Fiction] “Heartbreakingly tender, often hilarious…[story of the] peculiar yet lovable people who inhabit a small town in south Georgia.”

The Last Days. Joel C. Rosenberg, 2003 [Fiction] “ The eerily prophetic…bestseller that predicted the last days of Yasser Arafat and Israel’s stunning withdrawal from Gaza…but was written before any of it happened.”

Eat, Pray, Love. Elizabeth Gilbert, 2006 [Fiction]  “…insightful, funny account of her [the author’s] travels.”

The Candlestone – Dragons in our Midst #2.  Bryan Davis, 2004 [Fiction] “Excitement, danger, and inspiration as two teens combat a dragon slayer.”

Book Discussion Group: Meets the 1st Tuesday each month at 10 am

Date                            Title                                                  Author(s)        

3/5/2019                The Drummond Girls            Mardi Link                       

4/2/2019                The Indigo Girl                        Natasha Boyd                  

5/7/2019                Saving Arcadia                         Heather Shumaker   

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