February 2017 – Newest Titles in the Library


The Street of a Thousand Blossoms. Gail Tsukiyama, 2007 [Fiction]  Set in Tokyo 1939 and through the war and beyond, two orphaned brothers grow up with their loving grandparents and make their way through grief and varied experience.

Winter Passing – A Novel about a granddaughter’s search and a love locked in time. Cindy McCormick Martinusen, 2000 [Fiction]  It is August 1941 and Tatianna faces the firing squad finding freedom in death; now a grandmother lies on her deathbed calling out the name of Tatianna and ending a sixty-year winter of sorrow.

The Flying Farm Boy – A Michigan Memoir. Daniel Boerman, 2011 [920] A captivating memoir about the events in a young Michigan farm boy’s life that send him winging his way towards the life God has planned for him.”

Facing Cancer Together – How to help your friend or love one. Pamela N. Brown, 1999 [362.1] “ . . . offers practical tips on ways for friends and family to help, and also on things to avoid.”

Seeds of Faith – Practices to Grow a Healthy Spiritual Life. Jeremy Langford, 2007 [248.4] Through an artful use of the Christian  tradition and compelling real-life examples, Langford shows people how God can be found in all things, and how the ordinary events in our lives can be places of extraordinary grace.”

Mighty Stories, Dangerous Rituals – Weaving Together the Human and the Divine.  Herbert Anderson & Edward Foley, 1998 [253]  “Storytelling and ritual making are not merely something that humans do – they are essential for becoming human.  Together they enable us to create a world that is both habitable and hospitable.  For believers they are the fundamental means for shaping and sustaining our journey into the Divine.”

In the Heart of the Temple – My Spiritual Vision for Today’s World. Joan Chittister, 2004 [248.4]  This collection of Ms. Chittister’s essays “ . . . shows coherence and has force . . . persuades and does not preach . . . evokes moral judgement, but never from a position that would suggest that she has everything worked out or stands above the crowd.”

May I Have This Dance?  Joyce Rupp, 1992 [248.4]  ”. . . a unique invitation to join with God in the dance of life, an invitation to experience God in the daily and seasonal rhythms of life.”

One Heartbeat Away – Your Journey Into Eternity.  Mark Cahill, 2005 [236] “What happens after we take that last breath?  Is there something out there after we die?  Is that all there is?  What are we even here for?     . . . find the answers to all these questions, presented in a logical, interesting and straightforward manner.”

Coming Home to Ourselves – A Woman’s Journey to Wholeness.  Jan Forrest, 1999 [242] “. . . offers practical strategies, along with positive encouragement, to guide us toward a slower pace, deeper connection to ourselves, and wholeness.”

Boundaries in Marriage.  Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend, 1999 [306.81] “. . . holds the key to mutual respect and provides the tools for making your relationship everything you want it to be. “

Written That You May Believe – Encountering Jesus in The Fourth Gospel. Sandra M. Schneiders, 2003 [226.5]   “ . . . breathes new life into John’s theology and restores it to its centuries-old role as a spiritual guide toward an encounter with Jesus as the way, the truth, and the life.”

Why Pray? – Selected from Prayer: does It Make Any Difference? Philip Yancey, 2006 [242]  “. . . gets practical and honest in inviting you to discover the rewards and challenges of communicating with God .. ”