November 2016 – Newest Titles in the Library

– November 2016 Newest Titles –

Still Alice. Sony Pictures, 2015 [DVD] Take this DVD home to watch the movie viewed and discussed at Wednesday Night Connections a few weeks ago. This moving story relates the experience of a renowned linguistics professor who develops early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

The Trouble with Angels – Three special dreams for love… Debbie Macomber, 1994 [Fiction] Relax during the upcoming holiday season and enjoy another warm-hearted story set at Christmas.

The Pearl that Broke Its Shell. Nadia Hashimi, 2014 [Fiction] An Afghani family resorts to an ancient custom of bacha posh when their lives become increasingly impossible since the only male in the family is the drug addicted husband/father. By becoming a boy with name change and a change in apparel the oldest daughter is able to leave the house unaccompanied to provide for the family. Freedom changes Rahima (now Rahim).

The Boys in the Boat- An Epic Journey to the Heart of Hitler’s Berlin. Daniel James Brown, 2013 [920] The real life story of 9 working class boys in 1930’s Washington State take on the upper class Eastern sport of rowing and make their hard earned way to Hitler’s Olympics and win.

Go Set a Watchmen. Harper Lee, 2015 [Fiction] Lee’s earlier novel set 2 decades before To Kill a Mockingbird is itself more a product of its time in the mid-1950’s adding depth, context, and new meaning to that American classic.

Chicken Soup for the Volunteer’s Soul- Stories to Celebrate the Spirit of Courage, Caring and Community. Jack Canfield, et al, 2012 [361.3] “Volunteers are models of unconditional kindness, compassion, and love. They choose hope over despair, optimism over cynicism, and caring over withdrawal or indifference. A single individual can make a significant difference in the lives of others.”

When Your Canary Quits Singing – A Dictionary of Wholesome Living. Timothy J. Uhlmann, PH.D. 2005 [170] “. . . provides the basics for people who want to reconnect with their hearts and focus on the wellness of their bodies and spirits. It is a practical and spiritual guide to wholesome living.”

How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It. Skip Heitzig, 1996 [220] “. . . takes the mystery out of studying Scriptures and shows you how to open your eyes, mind, and heart to God’s truth.”

Leadership Jesus Style. Douglas A. Rehberg, 2008 [303.3] “Now it is not only appropriate to ask what Jesus would do . . . it is an absolute necessity.”

A Barclay Prayer Book. William Barclay, 2003 [248] This collection of the renowned William Barclay’s prayers take us through the Christian Year and the Holy Days as well as prayers for all seasons

The Ten Commandments- Laws of the Heart. Joan Chittister, 2006 [241.5] “ . . . an honest inquiry into what it means to be born in the image and likeness of God.”

A Gentle Calling- The Cambridge Chronicles #1. Donna Fletcher Crow, 1994 [Fiction] “A witness to the revival sweeping England, Catherine can see that God is clearly at work in her homeland. Yet His will for her own life seems more hidden than ever.”

Treasures of the Heart – The Cambridge Chronicles #2. Donna Fletcher Crow, 1994 [Fiction] “Forced to choose between two very different worlds, Mary is about to make the most difficult decision of her life. . .”

Where Love Begins- The Cambridge Chronicles #3. Donna Fletcher Crow, 1994 [Fiction]

To Be Worthy – The Cambridge Chronicles #4. Donna Fletcher Crow, 1994 [Fiction]