Rev. Melissa López “The Lost and Found”

March 6, 2016-Rev. Melissa López “The Lost and Found”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Do We Know What We Do?”

March 13, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Do We Know What We Do?”

March 2016 New Titles in the Library

Watch for the library cart with the newest titles as well as a Library Committee member in the Narthex one Sunday a month.  Your questions and suggestions are welcome.

Seven Keys to Spiritual Renewal – Biblical Insights for Your Journey of Faith. Stephen Arterburn & David Stoop, 1998 [243]  “These keys are based upon principles revealed in the Bible about how a person can experience a deeper relationship with God and have more satisfaction in life.”

Single to Single – Daily Devotionals by and for Single Adults. Douglas L. Fagerstrom, Editor, 1991 [242]  “Whether you are never married, divorced, or widowed, you will identify with . . . [these devotions].”

Saying Goodbye to Disappointments – Finding Hope When Your Dreams Don’t Come True. Jan & David Stoop, 1993 [155.2] “You can’t eliminate all disappointment from your life – but what if you could learn to break the pattern of disappointment?”  This book is especially for women.

Bold Love – The Courageous Practice of Life’s Ultimate Influence. Dr. Dan B. Allender, 1992 [248]  “…explores the complexities of living, forgiving, and healing,..”

Leading Talents, Leading Teams – Aligning People, Passions and Positions for Maximum Performance.  Lee Ellis, 2003 [658] “Would you like to gain new insights on how to unleash the talents of people and align them toward a common goal?”

The Future of the American Family. George Barna, 1993 [173] “…what will the family, our most stabilizing institution, be like in the future?”

Marley & Me – life and love with the world’s worst dog.  John Grogan, 2005 [920]  “The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life.”

On My Own at 107– Reflections on Life without Bessie.  Sarah Delany, 1997 [920]  The author’s “…tribute to Bessie, her beloved younger sister and century-long companion …who died at 104.”

Pilgrims. Elizabeth Gilbert, 1997 [fiction]  “…these short stories track her [the author’s] diverse characters as they each pursue their own singular American pilgrimage.”

Day of the East Wind. Julia Shuken, 1993 [fiction] “…captures both the strangeness of a faraway land in a time past, and the sameness of a shared faith, a common human nature, and struggles, fears, and hopes known to us all.”

On The Trail of the Truth and A Place in the Sun – Journals of Corrie Belle-Hollister, 1991 [fiction]  A young girl comes of age after traveling to California and caring for her 4 siblings.  Risk, truth, trouble, faith and love are to be experienced in these 2 novels in one book.

Chariots of Dawn– Would Eshed’s faith and Leona’s love be enough to sustain the embattled young disciples?”.  Kay Stewart, 1991 [fiction] Eshed embarks on a compelling adventure filled with challenge upon challenge as he battles the spiritual ignorance and hardships of the early Christian era.”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “The Terror of It All”

March 20, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “The Terror of It All”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Believed What?”

March 27, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Believed What?”