January 2016 New Titles in the Library

Check out this list of new titles in the library. Also watch for the library cart with the newest titles

as well as a Library Committee member in the Narthex about one Sunday a month.

We welcome your questions and suggestions.

The Fifth Gospel. Ian Caldwell, 2015 [fiction] Pick up this novel for an intriguing murder mystery, complex loving family dynamics, history of the shroud as a religious relic, drama set in the Vatican, and information about the 4 gospels as well as compiled works that have been written.

The Note. Angela Hunt, 2001 [fiction] “ . . . in her quest to find the truth [about a cryptic note found in the aftermath of a disastrous plane crash, Peyton [local reporter] uncovers lessons about love and forgiveness…and about herself.”

The Bridge Over Flatwillow Creek. Lance Wubbels, 1998 [fiction] “A small country Minnesota town on a quiet summer day in 1901. He was home from college. She had only recently moved here. It only took a second to change …[their] lives forever.”

Far From The Dream – The Gentle Hills Book 1. Lance Wubbels, 1994 [fiction] “The call of war plunged them into the most difficult challenge of their lives. . . . would their love be enough to sustain the dream of home and family…?”

Whispers in The Valley – The Gentle Hills Book 2. Lance Wubbels, 1995 [fiction] “Jerry’s dramatic survival during the sinking of his aircraft carrier and his reunion with Marjie and their new daughter signaled their new beginning.”

Keeper of the Harvest – The Gentle Hills Book 3. Lance Wubbels, 1995 [fiction] “ . . . the greatest challenge comes unexpectedly with the brief visit of an American missionary who escaped the Japanese. . . [they and their friends] are caused to reexamine what they really want in life.”

My American Adventure – 50 States 50 Weeks. Amy Burritt, 1998 [917] “What began as her parents’ dream to discover America with their children, becomes Amy’s personnel goal to meet every single governor.”

Don’t Let Jerks Get the Best of You – Advice for Dealing With Difficult People. Paul Meier, M.D., 1993 [248.4] “Dr. Meier combines years of counseling with a light-hearted look at his own life in this handbook on human relationships to help you.”

Why I Stayed – The Choices I Made in My Darkest Hour. Gayle Haggard, 2010 [261.8] “A poignant testimony to pain and perplexity being finally swallowed by love.”

The Case for Christ – A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus. Lee Strobel, 1998 [232.9] “A seasoned journalist chases down the biggest story in history.”

Family Traditions – Practical Intentional Ways to Strengthen Your Family Identity. J. Otis Ledbetter and Tim Smith, 1998 [649] “…will help you renew your sense of appreciation for the role of tradition in family life by introducing fresh meaningful impressions to undergird traditions you already may celebrate.”

Rev. José López “Gathered Up In Christ”

January 3, 2016-Rev. José López “Gathered Up In Christ”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “No Matter What”

January 10, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “No Matter What”

Rev. José López “Signs”

January 17, 2016-Rev. José López “Signs”

Rev. Melissa López “Fulfilled”

January 24, 2016-Rev. Melissa López “Fulfilled”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “No Matter What”

January 31, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “No Matter What”