August 2017 – Newest Titles in the Library


  • Becoming a Woman of Purpose. Cynthia Heald, 1994 [248.843] “ . . . will guide you to a better understanding of God’s intended purposes for Himself, for us as His people, and for you as His unique creation.”
  • Free from Bondage God’s Way. Kay Arthur, 1994 [227]  “As you study Galatians and Ephesians, you will discover the matchless freedom that is yours in Christ Jesus, see the grace of God in action, and take up the armor that every believer needs to stand strong.”
  • Tender Love – God’s Gift of Sexual Intimacy. Bill Hybels & Rob Wilkins, 1993 [158]  ” . . . resolves some of the curious duality that many have about their sexuality:  ‘pleasure and guilt, wonder and shame.”
  • Celebrate the Family. Gary Smalley & John Trent, Ph.D., 1999 [306.85] “Ponder the wisdom of God in creating the environment and companionship we know as family.”
  • What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality – Recent findings by top scholars offer a radical new view. Daniel A. Helminiak, PhD., 1994 [136] “The Bible has been used to justify slavery, inquisitions, apartheid and the subjugation of women. Now read what the Bible really says about homosexuality.”
  • Boundless Love. Patsy Clairmont, Marilyn Meberg, Sheila Walsh, Barbara Johnson, Luci Swindoll,& Thelma Wells, 2001 [242]  “ . . . Women of Faith authors share devotional reflections on the character of God’s heart.”
  • The Religion of the Founding Fathers. David L. Holmes, 2003 [200]  “In an America debating Ten Commandment monuments and a world polarized by intolerant religious fundamentalism, readers yearn to understand the original intent of the Founding Fathers.”
  • Destiny – Who Am I? Why am I here?  What do I do now?  Your personal guide to fulfilling your destiny.  William F. Johnson, [248]  ”This book is a discipleship resource which is designed for use in a small group or individually as a personal journey into your destiny.”
  • Loving Our Kids on Purpose– Making a Heart-to-Heart Connection. Danny Silk. 2008 [649] “ . . . plant in your children the principles of the Kingdom of God and a heart for the Lord . . . gives you the tools to raise your children in the joy and fullness of the Lord Jesus.
  • A Voice from The Pews – Insights from a Common Man. Paul Sheldon, 2013 [133] “ . . . attempts to share insights and devotionals from the life and experiences of just such a common man.”
  • A Deeper Shade of Grace – How one family walked through loss…and found hope. Bernadette Keaggy, 1993 [248.8] “ . . [the author’s] account offers profound insight to anyone who has ever looked at life’s moments of happiness and loss and wondered why.”
  • Misery & Virtue. Theresa Marie Moreau, 2014 [272] In this collection of true-life tales the author “. . . brings to life with gritty and evocative writing, the suffering – as well as the unwavering dedication and faith – of political prisoners under the Chinese regime.”
  • The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb – A Spirituality for Leadership in a Multicultural Community. Eric H.F. Law, 1993 [261.8] While it would be a stretch to call the Traverse City area a “multicultural community”, we could all benefit from understanding the author’s combination of theology and cultural anthropology.

August 2017