December 2016 – Newest Titles in the Library



Captive Heart– Trade Winds Series #1. Linda Chaikin, 1998 [Fiction]  “. . . a romantic adventure set in a time when love, honor, and faith forged a sacred trust”.


Silver Dreams – Trade Winds Series #2. Linda Chaikin, 1998 [Fiction]  “An inspiring story of God’s gentle guidance in the lives of those who choose His path. . .”


Uncommon Adventures– A Travel Guide to the Journey of Faith. Mark A. Tabb, 1995 [248.4] “ . . . describes the journey of faith as an expedition filled with both roadblocks and rewards, burdens and blessings, trials and treasures.”


The Ten Commandments From the Backside. J. Ellsworth Kalas, 1998 [241.5]  “ . . . opens new possibilities and insight into the familiar Ten Commandments.  Restating them in the positive. . .”


Wise Choices– A Spiritual Guide to Making Life’s Decisions. Margaret Silf, 2004 [153.8] “. . . takes the guesswork out of the decision-making process and offers a systematic and concise approach – less stressful more focused, and more thoughtful – to making the right choices.”


Watchman!  Have You Been Sleeping?  Helen Jordan Davis, Ph.D., Th.D. 2014 [261]  “We the followers of Jesus, must wake up . . . an exciting call to the possibilities for our nation and the world if we will take our place as WATCHMEN.”


The Laymen’s Gospel Harmony– Mining the Infinite Riches of Christ and the Gospels. Nathaniel Huntting Sherrill, 2012 [226]  “A glorious treasure of spiritual insight, drama, and wonder awaits you when the Gospels . . . are read in a harmonized order linked to a carefully researched historical time line.”


A Joy I’d Never Known– When I Gave Up Control I Found …  Jan Dravecky, 1996 [920]  ”From a smile that masked deep pain to a calm radiance reflecting the miracle of grace. . .the transformation came when emotional torment finally forced her to release control over her life . . . into the hands of God who had been waiting to receive it.”


Four in the Garden.  Rick Hocker, 2014 [248] “ . . . a thought-provoking meditation on life and God as explored in an imagined universe where God creates only one human.”


What Ever Happened to the American Dream – Economic Earthquake told part of the story.  American Dream tells the rest. Larry Burkett, 1993 [248.4]  “The debt . . . is merely a symptom of a much greater issue – the deteriorating value system of our nation. . .”


What A Way To Live! – Running All of Life By the Kingdom Agenda.  Tony Evans, 1997 [248.4] “If you want a better world composed of better nations inhabited by better states filled with better cities comprised of better neighborhoods illuminated by better churches populated with better families then you have to start by becoming a better person.”


The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork – Embrace Them and Empower Your Team. John C. Maxwell, 2001 [658]   “ . . . shares the vital principals of team building that are necessary for success in your business, family, church, or organization.”


A Dangerous Grace – Daily Readings. Charles Colson, 1994 [242]   “ . . . shares truth and warnings, flashes of brilliance and inspiration on timely as well as timeless topics.”