October 2016 New Titles in the Library

Watch for the library cart with the newest titles in the Narthex one Sunday a month.
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The Goldfinch. Donna Tartt, 2013 [Fiction] Thirteen year old, Theo miraculously survives an accident that kills his mother. Tormented by the trauma and all of the changes in his life he clings to the memory of a painting that is the one thing that reminds him of his mother. That painting ultimately draws him into the criminal underworld.

A Man Called Ove. Fredrik Backman, 2014 [Fiction] Ove seems at first glance to be the epitome of a curmudgeon. His new neighbor brings out the best in him while the reader gets to know the curious group of people who reside on their street.

Evil Rises – Superstars, a trilogy. Errol Barr, 2014 [Fiction] In 400AD a courageous king defeats Satan’s plan to stop the spread of Christianity. Millennia later Satan plots his revenge using the power of modern media and by spawning seven children around the world who are to grow into young musical geniuses and become a superstar rock band who will bring the world’s youth under Satan’s spell.

Seven Years in Tibet.. Heinrich Harrer, 1953 [951] This real life story of 1940’s Tibet is well worth the read. Most of us will never be able to experience this vast mountainous land. This account gives you a bit of that experience vicariously.

Rebekah’s Journey – the life and writings of Rebekah Jane Priest. Elizabeth Priest, 2002 [920] Rebekah’s mother has chosen to share her daughter’s life and writings with us following the death of Rebekah in an automobile accident in 1997.

The Zippered Heart- Healing for the Secrets We Hide Inside. Marilyn Meberg, 2001[248.4] “This book will change lives, because it requires that we look precisely at both the dark and the light side of ourselves. Then it brings an overflowing grace and forgiveness.”

Clothed in Virtue – Assuming the Habits of St. Lucy Filippini. Coleen Maddy, 2013 [248] “We are all called to become saints in the Kingdom of God, but we must be open to receiving His gracious gifts through faithful and humble hearts.”

The Rainbow Bridge – Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace. Brent N. Hunter, 2001 [248] “[This book] illuminates the common ground in the world’s wisdom traditions, also known as universal principles..”

Love Does – Discover a secretly incredible Life in an Ordinary World. Bob Goff, 2012 [248.8] The author believes that when Love takes action, “life gets interesting.”

God’s Behaving Badly- Media, Religion and Celebrity Culture. Pete Ward, 2011 [201] “. . . give(s) concrete evidence of how the religious themes of incarnation, revelation, sin, judgment, and redemption are all woven into narratives we construct about our most cherished-and most villainized-personalities.”

8 Surviving Skills for Changing Times. David Mains, 1992 [248] The author offers practical strategies to survive the upheaval of a world changing at unprecedented speed.

Lambs Among Wolves- How Christians Are Influencing American Culture. Bob Briner, 1995 [248.4 “Roaring lambs are Christians who are bringing the salt and light of their faith into fields dominated by non-Christians – movies, popular music, television, literature, art and other areas in American culture.”

It’s Not About Me- Rescue from the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy. Max Lucado, 2004 [248.4] “Believing that [it’s all about me] has created chaos – noisy homes, stress-filled businesses, cutthroat relationships, etc.”

Upended- How Following Jesus Remakes Your Words & World. Jedd Medefind & Erik Lokkesmoe, 2012 [248] “ . . . invites the follower of Jesus to become an apprentice to Jesus-particularly the choices that shape our lives most: how we communicate and connect.”