Rev. José López “Mission/Road Trips”

July 3, 2016-Rev. José López “Mission/Road Trips”

July 2016 New Titles in the Library

Watch for the library cart with the newest titles as well as a Library Committee member in the Narthex one Sunday a month.  Your questions and suggestions are welcome.

The Last Days of Jesus.  NBC New Presents,  2004 [232 DVD]  “. . . this objective and discerning investigative report delves into recent discoveries about the events leading up to the crucifixion and sheds new light on the unanswered questions that still surround this defining moment in world history.”

 Who Was Jesus?  The Discovery Channel, 2010 [232 DVD]  “. . . the story of what it was like to be Jesus:  to be born into tyranny and executed for preaching harmony, love and forgiveness to one’s own warring people.”

The Execution of Jesus.  The History Channel, 2004 [232 DVD] “Join scholars and archaeologists on a historic inquiry into the last days of Jesus.  Follow Him from His Passover entry into the Temple to the Last Supper:  from trial to execution and miraculous resurrection.”

Living Before God – Deepening Our Sense of the Divine Presence. Ben Campbell Johnson, 2000 [248.4]  “. . . invites readers to explore ways to enrich their relationship with God. . . . living intentionally in the presence of God.”

Bad Religion – How We Became a Nation of Heretics.  Ross Douthat, 2012 [277.3] “. . . offers a masterful and forceful account of how American Christianity has lost its way – and why it threatens to take American society with it. . . . brings probing, perceptive analysis to bear on the tragic hollowing out of American Christianity.”

Doctors on the Edge– Will Your Doctor Break the Rules for You?  Frederick R. Abrams, M.D., 2006[174.2] “Prioritizing patents over rigid rules, Abrams probes critical medical dilemmas, encouraging doctors to struggle with the ambiguities of humane health care in the 21st Century.”

Escape. Carolyn Jessop, 2007 [920]  “ . . . provides an astonishing look behind the tightly drawn curtains of the FLDS Church, one of the most secretive religious groups in the U.S.”

Into Thin Air– A Personal Account of the Everest Disaster. Jon Krakauer, 1997 [796.52]  “A harrowing tale of the perils of high-altitude climbing, a story of bad luck and worse judgment and of heartbreaking heroism.”

Station Eleven. Emily St. John Mandel, 2014 [Fiction]  “. . . offers comfort and hope to those who  believe, or want to believe, that doomsday can be survived, that in spite of everything people will remain good at heart, and that when they start building a new world they will want what was best about the old.”

A Promise for Breanna– Angel of Mercy Series #1. Al Lacy, 1995 [Fiction] This is the first in this series which follows the exciting and romantic adventures of traveling medical specialist Breanna Baylor, a ministering angel who brought a touch of grace and mercy to a land marked by danger, lawlessness and struggle.

Faithful Heart– Angel of Mercy Series #2. Al Lacy, 1995 [Fiction]

Captive Set Free– Angel of Mercy Series #3. Al Lacy, 1996 [Fiction]

Rev. Melissa López “Like A Good Neighbor…”

July 10, 2016-Rev. Melissa López “Like A Good Neighbor…”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “The Ministry of Welcoming”

July 17, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “The Ministry of Welcoming”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Looking at Life Through Jesus’ Eyes”

July 24, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “Looking at Life Through Jesus’ Eyes”

Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “The Joy of Daily Bread”

July 31, 2016-Rev. Dr. William C. Myers “The Joy of Daily Bread”