March 2016 New Titles in the Library

Watch for the library cart with the newest titles as well as a Library Committee member in the Narthex one Sunday a month.  Your questions and suggestions are welcome.

Seven Keys to Spiritual Renewal – Biblical Insights for Your Journey of Faith. Stephen Arterburn & David Stoop, 1998 [243]  “These keys are based upon principles revealed in the Bible about how a person can experience a deeper relationship with God and have more satisfaction in life.”

Single to Single – Daily Devotionals by and for Single Adults. Douglas L. Fagerstrom, Editor, 1991 [242]  “Whether you are never married, divorced, or widowed, you will identify with . . . [these devotions].”

Saying Goodbye to Disappointments – Finding Hope When Your Dreams Don’t Come True. Jan & David Stoop, 1993 [155.2] “You can’t eliminate all disappointment from your life – but what if you could learn to break the pattern of disappointment?”  This book is especially for women.

Bold Love – The Courageous Practice of Life’s Ultimate Influence. Dr. Dan B. Allender, 1992 [248]  “…explores the complexities of living, forgiving, and healing,..”

Leading Talents, Leading Teams – Aligning People, Passions and Positions for Maximum Performance.  Lee Ellis, 2003 [658] “Would you like to gain new insights on how to unleash the talents of people and align them toward a common goal?”

The Future of the American Family. George Barna, 1993 [173] “…what will the family, our most stabilizing institution, be like in the future?”

Marley & Me – life and love with the world’s worst dog.  John Grogan, 2005 [920]  “The heartwarming and unforgettable story of a family and the wondrously neurotic dog who taught them what really matters in life.”

On My Own at 107– Reflections on Life without Bessie.  Sarah Delany, 1997 [920]  The author’s “…tribute to Bessie, her beloved younger sister and century-long companion …who died at 104.”

Pilgrims. Elizabeth Gilbert, 1997 [fiction]  “…these short stories track her [the author’s] diverse characters as they each pursue their own singular American pilgrimage.”

Day of the East Wind. Julia Shuken, 1993 [fiction] “…captures both the strangeness of a faraway land in a time past, and the sameness of a shared faith, a common human nature, and struggles, fears, and hopes known to us all.”

On The Trail of the Truth and A Place in the Sun – Journals of Corrie Belle-Hollister, 1991 [fiction]  A young girl comes of age after traveling to California and caring for her 4 siblings.  Risk, truth, trouble, faith and love are to be experienced in these 2 novels in one book.

Chariots of Dawn– Would Eshed’s faith and Leona’s love be enough to sustain the embattled young disciples?”.  Kay Stewart, 1991 [fiction] Eshed embarks on a compelling adventure filled with challenge upon challenge as he battles the spiritual ignorance and hardships of the early Christian era.”